Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

today, i cant help but wish......

1. go to the love parade

2. get lost in a library. get lost in some books :)

3. for the rain to go away. tonight is my sister night and her kidos and i typically go to the pool, but if its raining we are trapped inside and get grumpy. last week we were teaching the littlest one (5) to swim. sooooo stinkin cute.

4. Pierogies. my step dad makes the BEST. no joke. but they take forever to make, so he only makes them on special occasions.
What are you wishing for???
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lovlovelovelovelove YOU


bee. said...

mmm i'd totally love to get lost in a book right now.

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

oh, i'd love to fall down that rabbit hole of books :)

Courtney said...

I love spending time at the library but now that school is out for the summer there are sooo many people there (and the last book I checked out kinda sucked a lot) but still- I totally know what you mean.
What's the love parade? I don't think that I have ever heard of it.

becca. said...

the love parade. yes :) :)
and pierogies are totally my favorite! especially homemade ones! usually when i talk about them everyone gives me strange looks. haha.

brlracincwgrl said...

I love this! I love books, and those rooms full of them would be pure heaven!

And the love parade = awesome! :).

Mama Ventura said...

Ugh, those pictures of the books are so wonderful. I love libraries and the smell of old books. Josh keeps asking me if I am going to get a kindle someday, but I could never replace an actual book with a machine. It wouldn't be the same.
Send a little of that rain my way, ok! :)

Chelsea said...

Pierogies are a good wish! Haha they are delicious. And I love those photos of the books!

krystal said...

i haven't been reading as much as i should :/

and those pierogies look delicious, i've never had them, but maybe i will try some soon :)