Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a or b; left or right

I get that life is full of choices. But why is it that some are just soooo freaking difficult? It's not just a or b, it's not just yes or no, and it's definitely not just left or right. In times like these I wish I had someone around to make my decisions for me.

I'll let you know the answer when I get there......


Alyssa said...

i wish there were not so many options! a simple "Do THIS" would be perfect!

Courtney said...

All you can do is follow your heart no matter how cheezy it seems. Doing something you think you might not want to or regret later will haunt you.
Also- never regret anything!
Yeah, I'm that good at giving advice!
(sorry-I totally suck ass at giving advice but if it's something that you feel you could talk out with us let us know!)

my name is lauren. said...

good luck making your decisions. i agree...sometimes it really would be nice to just have somebody else make them for us.

Kasia said...

great photos!!


cupcake cutie said...

love this post.
& love that dylan quote


aiai said...
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