Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 (year in review)

It's been quite a year. But it's been an overall good one. I only hope that 2012 is even better!
Here are some highlights of my year.

January: I started my internship, which took a lot out of me, and rang in the year 2011 with Steven, friends, and my sister.

February: Steven and I went bowling and watched lots of Lost.

April: Steven and I celebrated St. Pattys Day, went to Key West (my first time), Steven moved in, and I had a kitten for the day.

April: I had my last day of interning (which was bitter sweet), graduated college (finally), lost my dog, Coco, and had a garage/bake sale with some friends.

May: I turned 24, made some goals to achieve before I turn 25, went to NYC with my mom (partly for work and partly for fun), met a blogger pal in real life, and had lots of friend time.

June: Steven and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, I got to kitty sit and kiddy sit, Steven got a promotion, and we spent a lot of time at the pool.

July: Steven and I had a Harry Potter Weekend of Wizardry marathon and I finally became a huge Potter fan.

August: I finally got a job in the teaching field. I got hired on the spot and I have loved my job ever since that first day. And my mom finally got married.

September: We celebrated my amazing boyfriend's birthday and welcomed Fall (finally).

October: Such a great and fun-filled month. So much happened, including mine and Steven's annual pumpkin picking/carving night, fright night, lots of halloween baking, and one awesome halloween dinner at our friends.

November: My mom, step-dad and I traveled to my hometown (Pensacola) to see friends and spend the holiday weekend. I finally got to see my friends' new baby girl too. It was such a great long weekend. Plus I got to meet more of Steven's family at his mom's wedding!

December: I created a new kind of advent calendar. The boyfriend, roommate and I spent the whole month doing fun Christmas/holiday filled activities. Such as making a gingerbread house, decorating the apartment, listening to lots of music, and throwing an ugly christmas sweater party.

And here's 2010 in review.
Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

fashion friday/// week 19

In my quest for finding amazing fashion to inspire me (and help my drab sense of style vanish) I kept coming across these 2 blogs. Apparently I'm not the only person who thinks these two gals rock....

Blogger: selective potential

Blogger: second skin style

Thursday, December 29, 2011

inspiration thursday (new year)

Another year, come and gone.

How are you going to be celebrating??

all of these photos were found on pinterest


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 goals update

Recently I've been working on my goals mini book. The dweeb in me wanted to see what I had done and what I had yet to do. Plus the mini book needed to be organized a little bit too. The book is divided up into (soon-to-be) 3 sections: 2011 goals, 24 before 25 goals, and 2012 goals. I like trying to have all of these in one place.

Here's how I fared with my 2011 goals:

1. travel more. (i suppose I did this by going to a few new places like Key West...but not as much as I had hoped).

2. be better at remembering birthdays. (i tried really hard to remember birthdays and send out cards in advance. i think i kinda did this one half-way.)

3. go to the gym more. (okay, I really failed this one. i'm pretty sure i went 30 days total of the entire year...if that. shame on me.)

4. read at least 10 books that are school unrelated. (score one for me. i read 18. go me!)

5. graduate college. (score 2 for me.)

And stay tuned for my goals for 2012!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my christmas in insagrams and a list (list 30)

I hope that yall had a very lovely Christmas.

Mine was quiet, but very nice. And I made sure to make mental notes of all the special things for my 30th list so that I could post it......

Christmas morning in my new sock monkey pjs

Christmas quiche (tradition)

Merry Christmas texts from family and friends

stocking gifts

awesome other gifts from my parents

an amazing late lunch with ham, sweet potato casserole, sweet beans, sweet pickles, etc.

lots of fruit, nuts, and candy in my stocking

cuddling with my pup Aubre

phone call from my love

watching White Christmas with my parents

midnight snack of all the leftovers

How did you spend your holiday weekend?


Monday, December 26, 2011

5 loves on monday

Hey all! Hope you had a lovely weekend (and maybe even a special extra day off today too)!
And of course, here's the weekly round up of things I love currently. Enjoy.

1. this amazing dress from a new blog/shop I just started following.

2. this amazing space (and others with equal inspiration but differing decor)

3. this awesome site, perfect for the holidays (even if Christmas was yesterday). Hey- no time like the present to start preparing for next year.

4. must get one of these for next year's ugly sweater christmas party!!!!

5. this book to help save ideas/photos of the year

AND then use these ideas from elise.

lots of love,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks// week 30

Merry Christmas (to all of you that celebrate)!

Christmas is such a special time for me. For awhile it was really hard to fully enjoy the holidays after my dad passed, but in the past couple of years it's gotten easier. It's now a time I once again love and try to cherish every minute of.

So for today's list. Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, today is a special day. Because we are alive and we have so many things to be thankful for. So take today and make a list of all the memories in the making. What is making you happy? What is going on? Who are you spending the day with? What are you thankful for? List out all/any of these things and keep them close to always remind you of what you have and what today meant to you.

I'll be back with my list soon.

Much love,

Link up here

Friday, December 23, 2011

what i've been reading lately

Okay, yes I am a huge book nerd. And I love that about myself (does that make me less humble?)

The last couple of books I've read have been amazing! So much so, I read them in a super short amount of time.

Curious yet?

The first book I read was Eat Love Pray.

My friend Ashley let me borrow this book and it is seriously one of my favorites now. I saw the movie awhile ago and I honestly disliked it. A lot.
I was a little apprehensive about reading it, but Ashley assured me it was amazing. Within the first chapter I was hooked and in love.

I think part of the book's charm is that you can relate. Even though I am not in my 30s, nor have I ever been married (let alone divorced) I know heartbreak. I've been there. We've all been there and Elizabeth just knows how to hit home with that reality. She shares her feelings (without bad mouthing her ex) and somehow I just kept feeling "Yes!! That's how I felt exactly! How did you know?"
Her journey in trying to get to know herself again and be able to survive on her own once again was mesmerizing. I constantly felt inspired.

I definitely am glad I read this book and of course recommend it!
Have any of you already read it? Or watched the movie? What were your thoughts??!? Do share.

The other book I read (and yes, I am a little bit embarrassed to admit this.....).

Here's the short version of how this all started.....

I didn't want to read the books or watch the movies. I honestly have been fighting this trend since it's very conception. Then, just a month or so ago it was on tv. Steven told me I should watch it, that I would really like it. It seemed like a me movie apparently. I fought it at first, but then of course gave in and stayed up until 1am watching the damn thing.

I was hooked.

I started watching all the movies (although I haven't gotten to see the newest-so don't ruin it!!). And now I am reading the books (which my 5th and 6th grade students have already beat me on). We have constant talks about the books. No joke.
I love my job.

So I got the first book. And by the way, trying to locate a copy at the library (at any library) was one of the most difficult and annoying tasks. Ever.
But I finished it (today actually) and I cannot wait to read the rest.

Ok, dork moment over with now.

So tell me- how many of you are on the Twilight bandwagon with me? And how do you think the movies and books compare? I'm seriously curious!!


Christmas Ugly Sweater Party of 2011

Last night my friends and I celebrated Christmas in the fun 'ole tradition of an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

And get this- I actually did most of the cooking and all of the cleaning. If you know me at all- you know that the whole cooking thing isn't entirely something I like nor am good at; however, I actually enjoyed doing it last night. I guess it also helped that I had friends and Steven to help as well.

Some of the stuff I made:

And yes- I made a menu. More so that I could gauge what I needed to make and remember to set out before everyone arrived. However, it did make for some laughs for my friends.
I made: ham, sweet potato casserole (which I need to share, because it's amazing-I got it from my mom), mashed potatoes (made by Steven-from scratch!), rolls, peperoni roll ups, apple cider donut holes (which I got from the babycake maker), rolo pretzel bites, cheese and crackers, spinach dip (made by my wonderful friend Ashley), and tons of other amazing treats.

And of course some amazing photos of the night and my awesome friends:

xoxo kellie

And Merry Christmas Eve Eve (ha)!!!!