Monday, April 5, 2010

5 loves on monday

Happy Easter Monday!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. :)
Mine was perfect! I can't wait to upload pictures to share.

until then.....5 things that i'm in love with right now.

1.Neko Case

she's beautiful and so is her music!
2. the 80's movie pretty in pink

this is still one of my all time favorite movies. it's got teenage awkwardness, unrequited love, molly ringwald (as well as some other colorful characters). it's awesome- and you should watch it at least once!

3. puppies!!!!!!!!!!

i want one soooo badly. but i know i dont have the time for one. maybe one day when life slows down some. i'll be the crazy dog lady (since i don't much like cats)

4. fun sunglasses

perfect for spring!!!
5. gilmore girls

i was incrtedible sad when this show went off the air. my mom and i had watched it from the beginning, right after my dad left. we were attached to it i guess you could say. this is the only show i own season of and between my mom and i, we own every single season!!!! :)
if you watched this show at all, i'm curious to know....were you a luke or christopher fan?!?!?!?

Happy Monday!!!!!


Sarah said...

Oh Pretty in Pink, now I'm going to have to go watch that! PS, I was a Luke fan. I'm not sure why I just really like him.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED gilmore girls! It was such a great show. In the beginning I was team christopher, but by the end, she belonged with Luke. I wish it'd come back!

Courtney said...

Neko is one of my favorite singers! I think I have been listening to her for over a decade-I mean I even listened to Maow! Lame, I know! She is the best singer ever. period.

Hannah B. said...

oh my! *Totally* a Luke fan! My mom & I watched from season 1, and I totally miss it! In fact, I was watching episodes on all last week while I worked! :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

so many luke fans!!! i gotta admit though, i was always (and still am) a christopher fan...

sarah sue said...

i was so sad about gilmore girls going off too. me, my sister, & my mom watched every week! ** i am a long time Luke fan! however, i did love when Chris took Lorelai to see "funny face" on the big screen outside... that was so charming! (my favorite movie) haha! so he stole a little bit of my heart with that one! :)