Tuesday, April 6, 2010

fact tuesday

My family and i are VERY serious about our food. No joke.
My dad grew up with 3 sisters, a mom and grandmother and since it was a single income family, you can imagine how 3 girls would act..... It's a well known and often told story in my family that one of my aunts stabbed the other in the hand over the last maraschino cherry. They weren't starving ever by any means, but they took (and still do take) their food seriously. You don't go after someone's favorite, or the last...unless you want to get forked in the hand.

So with that said, perhaps its easy to tell that I have some weird food feelings....

*there is a TON of food that I honestly don't like...unless covered in chocolate. (i.e. pretzels, raisins, and strawberries). No chocolate means no thank you!

*I refuse to take the last of anything. A lot of times people have to lie to me and tell me there's more, because I honestly won't even glance at it if there's only one more. (This doesn't apply for food I buy at the store for just me....)
*I share food on my own terms. Sometimes I find it hard to share, while other times I'm pushing people in trying what I have--they just have to have some it's that good.
*On and off since middle school I've had a difficult time with food and eating. A lot of times after I ate (no matter what it was or how much I ate) I would get terrible stomach aches. They hurt so badly that sometimes I couldn't do much of anything after a meal but lie down. Last year I went through a bunch of tests and doctors appointments and finally got the situation solved and under control, but not gonna lie, sometimes I still get the aches. :( Luckily it's no where near what it once was. And the fact that I can eat food again like a normal person makes me feel so happy...of course it's also caused me to gain some weight.....
Do you have any weird food habits? Do tell!!! :)
happy tuesday loves!!


Lindsay said...

oh my gosh! I am so glad I am not the only person who is serious about food. I can not stand one someone touches my food, it drives me crazy. My hubby loves to try everyones food at the table and im like back off!!! lol I give him some if there is any leftover but sharing food isnt my fortay >.< :)
Have a great Tuesday!

Cat said...

I love food too! I don't like taking the last of anything either. Hence, the cupboard full of random things lol I have lots of weird food quirks. I pretty much half to salt my food before I pepper it, it tastes better haha!


Courtney said...

ha! I was just talking to someone about this! If I have a plate full of food they CANNOT touch each other and I eat one thing at a time before I move onto another.

Krystle said...

I eat all of my food one at a time. In order of my fave to least fav OR in order of what will get cold the fastest. haha And if there are french fries on the plate I always always always eat them first. (I think it's my parents fault, because my big bro does the same thing!)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Did you have IBS? My little sister is going through that right now, poor thing. No Bueno. But yes food is serious! haha I always want the last one... but feel guilty if I take it, unless I am at home that is, haha. I always want people to share with me, but I find it hard to share myself. Just being honest. I try to work on that though. It is just so easy to be selfish when it comes to FOOOOOOD :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

Alcia- yes it's IBS. for awhile they werent sure what it was and even know, when im stressed or going through difficult times (which is what first brought it on) it comes back really badly.
sorry your sister has it too. it does suck. i love food, so not being able to eat it without pain SUCKED!!! hope shes able to get som meds that help (thats been my saving grace!!!)