Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my weekend (better late than never)

Hi hi hi!!!!

so i know i'm a bit late in talking about my weekend...but it's been so crazy i havent had time to update or load pictures. from the picture above i may not look so happy, but trust me i was. i wish every weekend was as good as this past one. :)

*i worked on my 2010 goal mini book.... here's what i've gotten so far

(top goal: go to the gym) im trying to make a list of days i go to better motivate me!

the next goal is to travel. each year i hope to add a new place on my map- but i also want to take a road trip this year :)

my new goal is to be better with birthdays (remembering, sending cards and gifts, etc)

like last year, another goal of mine is to read at least 10 non-school related books. (so far i have 3 down!!)

*i also spent saturday on a momma-daughter day. it was awesome!!!!

we went craft store shopping and got some lovely spring flowers for our homes

and we went thrifting where i got these lovely boots that i have been searching high and low for! they werent exactly what i had been looking for, but i LOVE them!!! :)

we also had tea and lunch together. i had soooo much fun. while some of you may know, i do work with my mom and go to her place for lunch on sundays after church, i still dont get a lot of me and her time. we dont spend too much time together at work (just lunches which are usually spent running errands or venting about our days). lunch on sundays seems short and my naps usually cut into it, plus my step dad is there. this saturday it was just us 2 gals and i loved every minute of it.
i also got some pretty vintage stuff for some diy projects i hope to be working on soon (and will then share pics!!!)

new profile pic???? hehe

*saturday night i hung out with one of best girl friends. she made cupcakes and brought me some....yup she knows my weakness!

she even layered them different colors!!!!!

*her step mom was in a bikini contest, so we went to watch. and lemme just say there was a lot of this:

too much in fact. but it sure was entertaining....

*she's such an awesome friend :)

*sunday was spent at church and with my family and the boy. i even bought a new easter/spring dress while thrifting saturday (pictures to come soon). the boy and i watched the opening game....gotta say i loved both teams (red sox and yankees) so i wouldve been happy with either outcome (he was for the he wasnt too happy).

*monday the roomie and i went for sushi!!!!

oy. we had WAY too much. 52 sushi roll pieces!! which was like 8 rolls between us 2. but it was awesome!!!!

*tonight was the usual tuesday girl night. soooo awesome.

i am so blessed.

i also got more pen pal letters today!!! they make me smile. i cant wait to write you ladies back.


PS im thinking about having another give-away soon. maybe when i hit 100 followers? what do you think??? spread the word/blog love if you like the idea :)


Megan said...

Your mini is lookin' lovely! And I LOVES the boots! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger award! Check it out at

Tiffany said...

And that sushi looks amazing! It is my favorite!! :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

thank you megan!!!! :) and thanks tiffany!! :) you girls rock!

Elizabeth said...

Kel, I love the cover of your goals book! I always feel like when you have a place to keep track of what you want to accomplish, it helps you stick to them ;) Your such a busy gal and I can tell you had an amazing weekend ;) Happy Wednesday!

Amber said...

First off... your boots ROCK!! What a great find.
Second... I love your goals book. I have been thinking about doing something similar and you have motivated me to do it.
Thanks chica!!
SOunds like you had great weekend.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

amber- have you seen janel's goal book over at iheartrunwithscissors? soooo pretty, talk about inspirational! :)