Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

It's finally Wednesday!!!! And of course you know what that means!!! Another wishlist.
Although, before I do I just want to say thank you to all of you readers and followers. I love you for your sweet thoughts on all my posts. You all rock!!! Seriously, you do. I love all of you tons!! :)


1. to make peace with my computers (the one at work, the one at home...etc)
for some reason even the simpliest things (like checking my blog, updating my blog, trying to schedule an appointment for one of my bosses) has become a difficult task. Computers just do not want to work with me today. :(

2. one of these cute little animals

found here
or this one found here
I grew up with a red doxie and have a black and tan one now. i love them, seriously some of the best little dogs everrrrr.
3. a beach cruiser

it doesn't even have to be pink, I just want a bike that works finally!!! but pink would be nice...

4. one of these awesome books!!!

more info on this one here

more info on this one here

more on this one here

more on this one here

I feel like there are so many things I want to start doing (making and selling crafts, learning new things, decorating every square inch of my home, working on my cooking skills (or lack there of) etc.) and there is just not enough time. But I do love window shopping and blog searching!!! :) (And good thing my birthday is in a month, right??)

What's on your wish list today??
Don't forget to check out Liz's, Katie's, Courtney's, & Tiffany's Wednesday wish lists. And you can join us!!! In fact, we'd love it if you would. Just send us a link to your Wednesday wish list post so that we can follow along!! :)


LouBoo said...

Hello! love your blog. And that bike is just lovely - how whimsical...LB x

Courtney said...

I was wondering what was going on! I was checking your blog and is was just your Wish title! I figured you were having issues with your computer.

I love your list and those books look amazing!

Allison said...

AHH! CUTE CRAFT OVERLOAD! I love it. Seriously. And now I'm going to head off to Amazon... :D

Elizabeth said...

Great wishes this week Kellie! I heart doxies too! We currently have 3 in the family! One black and tan and two reds. I grew up with them too ;) Those crafty book look amazing, just full of bright possibilites!

sophie said...

Haha how annnnnnoying is it when your computer doesnt work. Honestly, I dont think there is anything that winds me up more.

I also am dying for a bike like that. Such a fun alternative to walking and driving.

Love your blog :)


Mama Ventura said...

My birthday is May 8th. When is your and your moms :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

courtney- haha yea im a goof with all things computer. i was wondering if people were gonna see that.... so glad i was able to change it though!!

katie- mine is may5 and my moms is may 13! (my uncle, her brother is may 5 and her uncle is may 12)... :) our family is full of may babies!! the best, right! hehe