Thursday, April 22, 2010

you inspire me (Interview with Lehua)

I'm really excited to introduce a new aspect of my inspiration Thursday feature with yall this week!!! :)
I decided that just sharing things that inspire me didn't really do this post feature justice and after seeing how some of my blogger pals have incorporated interviewing other bloggers, I came up with a great way to perfect and add to this post!!! I want to interview those of you that inspire me and motivate me to create!

The very first person I am happy and excited to introduce (although I'm sure many of you already know her and her wonderful work!) and blog about, is Lehua. :)

Your name:
Lehua [pronounced "lay-who-uh"] or Lei

Where can we find you?
blog: Heart on my Sleeve
twitter: ilovecrayons
flickr: Heartonmysleeve

Tell us a little bit about you!!
born & raised in hawaii
went to high school in japan
graduated with my bachelor's degree in political science in LA
currently living in a small town right outside of san francisco

i suffer from middle child syndrome.
my mom is a graphic artist and my grandma is a painter
i have the cutest puppy in the world
and i'm marrying the man of my dreams in july!

Favorite craft or hobby?
scrapbooking or journaling.
if it involves paper, i'm there!

What's next for you?
getting married soon! lots of babies. lots of time at home to make pretty projects!

5 things that make you happy!
cheeseburgers, my iphone, ice cream cones, paper and coke zero
[can you tell i like food?]

Where do you find inspiration?
i like to find inspiration from a mutltitude of places.
my friends, window shopping, being outdoors, blogs, etc...

How do you get and stay motivated??
it's very hard to stay motivated and getting things done.
i work full time as an accountant and at night i always have family stuff or wedding plan, so it's been a little rough. but if you love what you do, you will find time to do it all.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
in five years hopefully i will have a cute little baby or maybe 2. ;)
i want to be a stay at home mom, raising my kids and creating in the free time.
i want to live in a brick house with a huge backyard and eat cheeseburgers all day.

Random tidbit about you:
i hate feet. i also hate alligators. but not spiders or bugs. :)
*Thank you sooo much Lehua for participating!!!*
I hope you'll go take the time to check out her blog/flickr/etc. if you haven't already. She's an awesome gal and incredibly creative and talented. I'm happy to have her as a blog buddy and pen pal! :)
If you want to participate, please e-mail me (at and let me know!! All of you are inspirational to me and I would feature all of you if you'd let me!! :)
ps- i'm FINALLY going on vacation tomorrow so no posts for a little bit, BUT I will be picking a give-away winner Monday! So hurry and enter if you haven't!! :)


Courtney said...

Yay! I love this new series! It was great seeing someone do it first! I think I have like two different drafts daves in my email folder because I never know what to include or leave out! Plus- it's a great way to know some of our penpals even further! I can't wait to see who is next!
(and I promise I will get mine to you soon!)

Lehua said...

oh my goodness! this is wonderful! thanks for doing a feature!!

xoxo, lehua

Lindsay said...

I love this feature!! Great job Kellie!! Cant wait to read more!!

Vivianna said...

Lehua I love you!

Curlywiggles said...

Yay! Love this new feature, always enjoy finding new inspirational blogs to read :)

my name is lauren. said...

great scissors. lei seems great and i'm loving all the pretty things she creates. thanks for sharing!

JenCoen said...

Lehua is a dollface! I absolutely adore her and cannot say enough nice things about her! I love that she's featured on your blog!! Great pick!! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Great new feature, Kel! It's fun reading about such a great crafty lady ;) Thanks for sharing Lehua!